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Our Chefs


TONY CARTER – executive chef
Masterchef has Matt Preston, Goldilocks had Papa Bear … and we have Tony. He has been cooking for crowds his entire working life. Tony has forgotten more about chefery than the rest of us will ever know (although he never seems to forget his corny one-liners … “Why was the mushroom invited to the party? Because he’s a fun-guy.”) Tony did his apprenticeship in the Australian Army and went on to work with some of Australia’s leading society caterers, which when you think about it was perfect preparation for a venture like this. He founded Wise Choice in 1989, and keeps a hand in the kitchen while casting his vastly experienced eye (and very funny jokes) over proceedings.



GARY MORGAN – executive chef
Gary thinks big. So we put him in charge of buffets. And raceday catering. He can break down a menu, source the produce and have it on our kitchen benches ready to prepare quicker than you can say “duck breast with pate and macadamia nut ravioli resting 
on spinach with julienne of crispy ginger and orange jus” (one of our all-time favourites). Gary’s been part of Wise Choice since the very beginning when Tony taught him everything he knew … or so Gary claims. We give Gary 22 days off a year, all of which strangely seem to coincide with Collingwood match days. If he happens to mention this, try to quickly change the subject.



REBECCA SCHEEN – head chef
If Tony is Papa Bear then Bec is Goldilocks – the sweetheart of the business. She’s our ideas person and also our health nut (she will soon be a qualified nutritionist too). She knows all about celiacs, and fructose intolerance, and vegetarian options, and all the food sensitivities that are so much a part of modern life. Bec did her apprenticeship at Wise Choice and after gaining some amazing industry experience has been drawn back into our arms. Her passion is fresh produce (should see her vegie garden) and she is spotted regularly in the aisles of the Queen Vic Market looking for the freshest seasonal produce. Another of her favourite pastimes is a weekly trip to Springvale to indulge her love of Asian cooking. Some of Wise Choice’s most popular savouries are all Bec’s work.



DAVID MORGAN – raconteur
Yes, we know “raconteur” is not an official title but David is our front man, spruiker, chief organiser and general man about town. And – if you can believe this – the person the entire Wise Choice team would most like to see on Masterchef. In fact if you ask David, he’ll assure you that he’s “clearly Australia’s best finishing chef”. After two and a half decades putting on the finishing touches after Tony, Gary, Matt and Bec, he might even be right. If we could just get him to wear a cravat…